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Journal Publication - Author Guidelines

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This information is intended to provide the presentation standards to be followed by the authors to enable us to quickly process for the publication.

Format of Manuscripts
Original research findings, reports, review articles, letters, technical reports, working papers and the like, will all be considered for publication. They will be judged first and foremost by their relevance to the journal and import to the reader. We suggest all submissions be made in English.

Style and Formatting
Manuscripts written with Microsoft Word and LaTeX are both acceptable for paper submission to IJRA. All manuscripts should be written in Palatino Linotype, point 10 font. We recommend each paper be 5000 words or less. Adhering to this limit would restrict each manuscript to around 10 pages. The first page should include: manuscript title, author, co author(s), and contact e-mail for each author. The following section would include the abstract, key words, and introduction in that order. The abstract should be limited to 300 words. The abstract should likewise be both clear and concise. Key words should be limited to 7 words or less. The introduction should outline what is already generally known and commonly accepted on the subject and what the paper will add. Abbreviations that will be used in the body of the paper can be explained here. The body of the paper would follow. It must be simple to understand, logically arranged, and coherent of the highest quality and clarity. The image quality and clarity are very important in the journal production process. Photographs should be supplied in JPEG format.

Publication Process
IJRA selects manuscripts throughout the year to publish. While the editorial board works hard to expeditiously process each manuscript, we cannot guarantee a date of completion for each review. Each accepted manuscript will be processed with due diligence after acceptance by the editorial board.

Publication Processing Charge
The charges apply to all contributions. The author who submits the manuscript is responsible for making or arranging the payment. Payment will be required upon acceptance of paper. Authors whose papers are evaluated as excellent papers by the experts can enjoy a registration discount or request a reduction of fees. Students and authors from undeveloped countries and districts will enjoy a registration discount as well. Publications published in our journals are freely available online to anyone.

Publishing charges for online publication:
Author Category
Publication Fee For

Single Paper / Article / Case Study / Review / Survey Reports

No of Authors for Each Paper
Indian Authors
2000 INR
International Authors
75 USD
All the submitted papers will be published only after successful payment of publishing charges.

Publication Ethics
IJRA journals are committed to maintaining high standards through a rigorous peer-review together with strict ethical policies. Any infringements of professional ethical codes, such as plagiarism, fraudulent use of data, should be taken very seriously by the editors with no tolerance.

Review Policy
All papers submitted to our journals go through a rigorous review process. They are refereed by experts in said field before publication. There exist three possible outcomes for each paper submitted: acceptance, acceptance after minor changes and rejection. The Editor-in-Chief is the first to see an author's work and subsequently forwards to experts in the specific field discussed in the paper for review. After review, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal will look over the reviewer's comments. If two reviewers seem to hold opposite opinions on the same paper, the controversy will be resolved by the Editor-in-Chief. Ultimately, the Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision. The final decision is being one of the aforementioned possibilities: acceptance, acceptance with minor changes, or rejection of paper.

Conference Proceedings - Author Guidelines

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IJRA policy’s to the publication of conference proceedings
IJRA journal transactions are designed to publish research results which are the gold standard for the profession, i.e., they are of high novelty and interest, technically sound, and well presented. Achieving this level of quality requires a review process that provides the time necessary for careful review by acknowledged experts in the field. In particular, this means selection of reviewers from the widest possible pool, and open- ended review cycles that ensure the most sound and polished result. Such a standard is largely incompatible with conference review procedures which are sharply constrained by deadline. Because of this, it is the IJRA Publications Board’s policy that conference proceedings should not be published as issues of IJRA journals or transactions. While review schemes have been proposed that attempt to meet the needs of both conferences and journals, the Board feels that to avoid confusion the brands "journal" and "transactions" must be reserved for an open-ended review process.
At the same time, the Board recognizes that many conferences publish research that is of top-quality, and hence encourages IJRA Journal Editors-in-Chief and Conference Program Chairs to develop mutually beneficial methods to collaborate.

IJRA Board finds particularly worthy are the following.

Best Conference Papers Invited for Journal Submission
Journals may establish relationships with particular conferences to enable extended versions of the "best" few papers for the conference to be invited for submission for journal publication, possibly appearing in a special section of the journal dedicated to the conference. The journal paper should be an expanded version of the conference paper with, for example, more complete background, more detailed project descriptions, and additional results. This allows authors to present a more complete description of the work. IJRA's Policy on Prior Publication and Simultaneous Submission provides additional guidance on submitting expanded versions of conference papers to journals.

Journal Article Authors Invited for Conference Presentation
Conferences may establish relationships with journals to extend invitations to authors of recently published journal articles to present their results at the conference (without a separate publication in the proceedings). This affords authors the prestige of presentation at the conference while allowing the journal to maintain a refereeing process without fixed deadlines.