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4. 3rd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics and Telecommunications (ICETET-2015) 29th - 31st May 2015, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA.

Selected papers for publication in IJRA Journal Volume 2 - Issue 6 (April-June) © 2015 Transactions Volume 2-Issue 6(April-June)

49.”Web enabled light using ARDUINO” [Full Paper download]

[V. Thirupathi 1] [CH. Sandeep 2] and [G. Madhusri 3]

50.”A Framework for Solving Identity Disclosure Problem in Collaborative Data Publishing” [Full Paper download]

[Guguloth Vijaya 1] [A. Devaki 2] and [Dr. Shoban Babu Sriramoju 3]

51.”Survey on Cloud computing Technologies and Security threats” [Full Paper download]

[Sumalatha Bandela 1] [Ramesh Gadde 2] and [Dr. Suresh Pabboju 3]

52.”A Novel Quality Assessment Algorithm Based On Internal Generative Mechanism” [Full Paper download]

[Nalla Nanditha 1] and [Ch Rajendra Prasad 2 ]

53.”In-audible watermarking based on wavelet packets” [Full Paper download]

[Naushin Urooj 1] and [B Saritha 2 ]

54.”Resolution Enhancement and Denoising of Magnetic Resonance Images Using SWT” [Abstract download]

[B Sridevi 1] [Dr. T Anil Kumar 2] and [Prof.K.Kishan Rao 3]

55.”VLSI Implementation of Low Complexity MIMO Detection Algorithms” [Full Paper download]

[V Ramakrishna 1] and [Dr. T Anil Kumar 2 ]

56.”Network centric collaborative navigation for target localization using PSO tuned UKF” [Abstract download]

[J Ravichander 1] [Ch Balaswamy 2] and [K Soundarajan 3 ]

57.”Quality index assessment for digital media based on SSIM and NSS approaches” [Full Paper download]

[Asama 1] and [M.Sampath Reddy 2 ]

58.”A novel approach for power reduction & image enhancement by using multi scale retinex for emissive display” [Full Paper download]

[Divya Reguri 1] and [Srinivas 2 ]

59.”An high equipped data hiding algorithm based on secret fragment visible mosaic images and pixel color transformations for secure image transmission” [Full Paper download]

[Kattam Ramya 1] and [G Renuka 2 ]

60.”High Performance Implementation of FIR Filter for DSP Applications based on FPGA” [Abstract download]

[Chetti Venkateswarlu 1] and [Dr Tipparti Anil Kumar 2 ]

61.”Outage Probability Analysis of Multipath Fading Channels in Long Term Evolution-LTE ” [Full Paper download]

[Patteti Krishna 1] [Dr. T Anil Kumar 2] and [Prof.K.Kishan Rao 3]

62.”Capacity Limits and Estimation of Massive MIMO Systems” [Abstract download]

[Gujjula Ramya 1] [Satyavathi 2] [Dr. Narasigh Yadav 3] and [Samineni Pedda Krishna 4 ]

63.”Performance of LTE Channel Estimation Algorithms for Different Interpolation Methods and Modulation Schemes” [Abstract download]

[Patteti krishna 1] [Indarjeeth Singh 2 ] and [Gabbeta Ramesh 3]

64.”Image Compression Algorithms using DCT Based Motion Recovery using 14-Bit Addition Techniques” [Abstract download]

[Adicherla Prinyanka 1] and [G Surender 2 ]

65.”Energy efficient resource allocation in ofdm systems signals with sign adjustment” [Abstract download]

[Bommidi Venkata Ramana 1] and [G Surender 2 ]

66.”Survey on energy efficiency protocols in wireless network” [Abstract download]

[Bommati Mahesh 1] and [G Surender 2 ]

67.”Design and modeling of intelligent traffic light controller on FPGA” [Abstract download]

[Ch Abilash 1] and [G Surender 2 ]

68.”Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Technique using Multiple Energy Detectors for Cognitive Radio Networks” [Abstract download]

[M Shyam Sunder 1] and [Prof. E Venkat Reddy 2 ]

69.”Enhancement the security of AES algorithm for high speed fault detection” [Abstract download]

[Adi Anusha 1] and [G Surender 2 ]

70.”A comparative study of channel estimation for multicarrier system for QAM/QPSK modulation techniques” [Abstract download]

[G Surender ]

71.”A DC/DC Converter with Voltage Boost-Up Using Zero Voltage Switching Technique” [Abstract download]

[D. Kumaraswamy 1] and [Dr.B.V.Sanker Ram 2 ]

72.”Performance Study of PAPR Reduction Techniques in OFDM” [Abstract download]

[Praveen 1 ] [Satyavathi 2]and [Dr. Narasigh Yadav 3 ]

73.”Analytical Performance of Peak Spectral Efficiency in LTE systems” [Abstract download]

[Patteti Krishna 1] [Dr. N Satish Kumar 2] and [S. Subramanyam 3]

74.”Scaling Based Power Saving for Maximum Communication Path Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks” [Abstract download]

[Kande. Srinivas 1] and [Dr. M. B. Raju 2]

75.”OFDM Channel Estimation using Wiener Filtering and its Implementation” [Abstract download]

[ Nalla Swetha 1] and [Tipparti Anil Kumar 2 ]

76.”Study and Implementation of Energy Detection Algorithm for WLAN and WiMAX” [Abstract download]

[ Nuka Abhisek 1] and [B Ujwala 2 ]

77.”VLSI Implementation of real time Image Processing System Designs” [Abstract download]

[Jawaji Abhilash 1] and [Sandeep 2]

78.”A Robust Technique for Adaptive Noise Cancellation and its Implementation” [Abstract download]

[ Shankera Srivani 1] and [K Kotaiah 2 ]

79.”Design of Modulo 2n-2k-1 Adder for Residue Number System” [Abstract download]

[ Unnam Veerendranath 1] and [ K Sandeep 2 ]

80.”A Robust Technique for Adaptive channel estimation ” [Abstract download]

[ Gunderkari Prashanth 1] and [T Anil Kumar 2 ]

81.”VLSI implementation of ofdm specified FFT architecture for software defined radio” [Abstract download]

[K Spandana 1] and [G.Yogeswararao 2]

82.”A Survey on Advances in Solar Energy: Nanotechnology ” [Abstract download]

[Amulya M]

83.”VLSI implementation of FFT architecture optimization in MIMO OFDM Transreceivers” [Abstract download]

[Burri Sandeep Reddy 1] and [Gurubelli Yogeswararao 2]

84.”Multiuser Detection using Particle Swarm Optimization over GK Fading Channels in Laplace Noise” [Full Paper download]

[V Srinivasa Rao 1] [Habibulla Khan 2] and [T Anil Kumar 3]

85.”Ultrasonic Signal Coding and PIR Sensors to Enhance the Sensing Reliability of an Embedded Surveillance System” [Abstract download]

[Ch Aruna 1] and [G Rajender 2]

86.”Internet of Vehicles: From Intelligent Grid to Autonomous Cars and Vehicular Clouds” [Abstract download]

[Amtul Fouzia Begum 1] and [G Rajender 2]

87.” Power Sensor Tag with Interference Reduction for Electricity Monitoring of Two-Wire Household Appliances ” [Abstract download]

[K Kavya 1] and [G Rajendar 2 ]

88.”Tracking limbs motion using wireless network of inertial measurement units” [Abstract download]

[S Kondaiah 1] and [M A Shahid 2]

89.”FPGA Implementation of High Speed Pipelined Log Multiplier for DSP MAC unit Applications” [Abstract download]

[Mahendra 1] and [M A Shahid 2]

90.”A Novel Data Embedding Method Using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching” [Abstract download]

[Mallikarjun 1] and [M A Shahid 2]

91.”Application of RFID Technology and the Maximum Spanning Tree Algorithm for Solving Vehicle Emissions in Cities on Internet of Things” [Abstract download]

[A Sushma 1] and [G Rajendar 2]

92.”An Adaptive Noise Canceller for DS-CDMA Systems” [Abstract download]

[M A Himayath Shamshi 1 ] [T Anil Kumar] and [K Kumar Naik 3]

93.”Optimum Channel Estimation Technique for SCFDMA Systems ” [Abstract download]

[K V Prasanna Lakshmi 1] and [G Rajender 2]

94.”Robust frequency estimation for sampled sinusoidal signals without iteration” [Abstract download]

[A Deeksha 1 ] and [G Rajender 2]

95.”Relay Selection for Coded Cooperative Networks over Nakagami-m Fading Channels ” [Abstract download]

[B Rajanna 1 ]

96.”Multiplexing Efficiency and Capacity limits of MIMO Systems ” [Abstract download]

[Soma Umamaheshwar 1] [Tipparti Anil Kumar 2] and [K Srinivas Rao 3]

97.” Optimum Design of Heat Sink for Natural Convection ” [Abstract download]

[ P. Vinay Kumar 1] [ T.VijayaSarathi 2] [J. NaliniKumari 3] [V. Nanda Kishore Reddy 4] and [Y. Mohan Krishna 5]]

98.”Image Acquisition, Noise removal, Edge Detection Methods In Image Processing Using Matlab for Prawn Species Identification ” [Full Paper download]

[ G Nagalakshmi 1] and [S Jyothi 2]