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Volume 3 - Issue 10 ( Apr - Jun ) © 2016 Transactions)

Research Article

“ A Security Protocol for mobile-banking and payment using SMS and USSD in Ethiopia ”
[Ramesh Gadde 1] [Kifle Berhane. N 2] and [Fthi Arefayne Abadi 3]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.3.10(72)2016; IJRA-2016: 3(10)427-433 [Full Paper download]

Research Article

“ Design and Implementation of a Framework for Image Search Reranking”
[Sriramoju Ajay Babu 1 ] and [Namavaram Vijay 2]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.3.10(73)2016; IJRA-2016: 3(10)434-437 [Full Paper download]

Research Article

"Design and characterization of Ranitidine hydrochloride mucoadhesive nanoparticles for the treatment of peptic ulcer”
[Jagadeesh Kumar Ega 1] and [Kavitha Siddoju 2 *]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.3.10(74)2016; IJRA-2016: 3(10)438-442 [Full Paper download]

Case Study

“ PSMPAL: Patient Self-Controllable, Multi-Level Privacy-Preserving Cooperative Authentication and Load balancing in Distributed M-Healthcare Cloud Computing System ”
[A.Sampath Kumar 1] [K. Srinivas 2] and [K. Obulesh 3]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.3.10(75)2016; IJRA-2016: 3(10)443-448 [Full Paper download]