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2. 2nd International Conference on " Emerging Trends in Electronics & Telecommunications" (ICETET), Dec 13th and 14th ,2014 at Karimnagar, Telangana,India.

Selected papers for publication in IJRA Journal Volume 1 - Issue 4 (Oct-Dec) © 2014 Transactions Volume 1- Issue 4 (Oct-Dec)

34.”Hardware implementation of OFDM channel estimation” [Full Paper download]

[T. Santhosh Kumar 1]

35.”Blind Multiuser Detection in Asynchronous DS-CDMA Systems over Nakagami-m Fading Channels” [Full Paper download]

[Vinay Kumar Pamula 1]

36.”Cooperative Spectrum Sensing by Sequential Change Detection in Cognitive Radio” [Full Paper download]

[A.Venkat Reddy 1]

37.”Mobility and Interference analysis of Downlink Long Term Evolution using System Level Simulation” [Full Paper download]

[Dakuri Chiranjeevi 1] [Mahendar Vengala 2] and [Gitty Ramesh 3]

38.”Design and Implementation of Carry Select Adder without using Multiplexer” [Full Paper download]

[P.Mahipal Reddy 1] [ S.Kumaraswamy 2] and [B. Dharma 3 ]

39.”Reduction of THD for Bridgeless CUK Rectifier Topology in PFC Applications” [Full Paper download]

[C. Venkatesh 1] and [A.Sravanya 2]

40.”Optimal Multi Antenna Spectrum Sensing Technique For Cognitive Radio” [Full Paper download]

[Dileep Bapatla 1]

41.”PAPR Reduction in SFBC MIMO OFDM System Using ACE Scheme” [Full Paper download]

[T.Ramaswamy 1] and [K. Chennakesava Reddy 2]

42.”Multiuser Detection over Generalized-K Fading Channels with MRC Receive Diversity in Presence of Impulsive Noise” [Full Paper download]

[Srinivasa Rao Vempati 1] [Habibulla Khan 2] and [Anil Kumar Tipparti 3 ]

43.”Control Through Bus Based Fault Monitoring and Diagnosis System Using CAN ” [Full Paper download]

[CH.Balaswathi 1] [G.Ramesh 2] and [K.Swetha 3]

44.”Resource Allocation Based on Channel State Information in OFDM Systems” [Full Paper download]

[Earla Shankar 1 1] and [ Gurubelli Yogeswara Rao 2]

45.”Evaluation of Predicted Throughput in TDD- LTE Systems” [Full Paper download]

[Patteti Krishna 1 ] and [ Indrajeeth Singh 2 ]

46.”A Statistical MIMO FSO Channel Model for the Analysis of Outage Probability versus Signal-to-Noise Ratio” [Full Paper download]

[G.Surendher 1] and [ S.Sudhakar 2]

47.”Grid Connected solar Reconfigurable Converter With energy storage PV- battery system ” [Full Paper download]

[P.Soumya 1] and [B.Latha 2]

48.”Optimal Linear Transmit Beam Forming Techniques for Multi-User MIMO” [Full Paper download]

[Patteti Krishna 1] [Soma Umamaheshwar 2] [Tipparti Anil Kumar 3] [Kalithkar Kishan Rao 4] and [Kunupalli Srinivas Rao 5]